SLAM! Five Short Poems About Love


Listen close because I mean no disrespect,
But falsehood caused the inhibition in my head.
I failed to see your value and your worth when we were young.
I’d never call, it’d never work was what I thought.

I had this idea that if my girl was real it just couldn’t be you.
I’d share this strange thought but some did not believe it to be true.
In youth we make mistakes and I’ve made many,
The one I don’t regret was this one above any.

To think we weren’t right was wrong,
But to know it was the wrong time at least was not.
It took a summer at a job to know the true you that I love,
Not the casualty of life in years before when all I knew
was nothing but a shadow on the wall.

I fell in love with you for who you are
Not the one I thought you were before.
And now I love you more than ever, forevermore.


Once upon a quiet August day I pondered at the possible.
The improbable thought that the radically obtuse idea maker in my head
Could comprehend the unlikeliness of the event
That you may gauge my current state
And sublimate my solidness to evaporative gaseousness
And water vapors, from sighs of admiration
And proclaim as your domain my heart and my last name

The tremors in my voice could speak more than words
But as the sentence flowed, cascading through my vocal cords
And pouring out onto the dry and thirsty earth,
You picked your own and you said yes.

All the statistical analysis and cataclysmic calculations
Did not predict our situation, a perfect match so unlikely
That the world would envy our declaration of love and dedication.


The foam of the sea bled through the pebbles and stones
Pushing and pulling the tide moved through the shore

The chairs lined the beach decorated with bows
And flowers adorned both the aisles and the rows

The wind kissed the sand and the sun cast its light
On the day we were wed we had no hitch in the slight.

When I took my place at altar, I paid no heed to the crowd
My eyes set to the hills where upon you would come down.

At last a white dress shining brighter than gold
Came down to the beach and though not within reach
I could feel your heart very near to my own.

Each step that you took brought us closer together
And each breath that you took, would be mine now and forever.

I promised my life and you promised yours too
United as one, man and wife weren’t two.


Desperate times and desperate measures
Nonspecific outcomes based on catalytic decision making

It’s an unforgiving poor rendition of the live we choose to live in
If we don’t accept to opt for future solid stability

We can only make the best of what we get
Lest we decide to fret and fail to place a bet on sure pay.

But that was then and now we look back,
And we wouldn’t have it any different.

Maybe we would but that’s beside the fact
That our path has grown us, transformed us,
Inspired us and required us
To lean not on our understanding of what we once thought was the live that we wanted
But to live life as it came as though that’s how we planned it.


There is no one to blame for the events that transpired
No culprit for crimes that will be left unsolved
Those ten hours we spent, quietly sobbing in pain
To be told that there’s nothing that we could’ve done
To refrain from the loss of the life we had made.

Those long nights we spent hoping this feeling would end
But it only got worse.

Yet together we strived and we fought through the tears
And the fears that this nightmare was real
And we’d never wake up.

Today we can look back on that time,
And although we can’t understand why it happened
We know that it wasn’t for nothing.
We’re stronger together and that’s gotta be worth something.
We suffered a loss but we gained understanding.


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