The Salvaged Car

This week during bible study we touched on the subject of salvation, and this idea struck me.

Growing up, most cars my family owned had salvaged titles. Every couple of years, my dad would go with his friend Joe who is a mechanic to insurance car auctions to bid on cars that had gotten into accidents that deemed them not worthy of being repaired by insurance companies because the cost of repair was more than the value of the car.

Some of these cars were in pretty terrible conditions and were hardly worth their price in parts while others were just not fit to be registered under current conditions but after some moderate amount of work they could be up and running in no time. My dad would bid on one that wasn’t too beat up and would pay Joe to fix it up so that we could have it until the next batch of reject cars made their way to us.

Once the car was bought at the auction and registered with the DMV, it had to forever be branded with a big SALVAGE across the top of the title. This would warn potential buyers that the car they were considering had been either totalled or heavily damaged in the past.

Our lives are sort of like those cars. Out of the womb we come brand new and unblemished, but through the twists and turns of life we become battered and bruised, eventually crashing head on with the reality of sin. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that as humans we are not perfect nor holy, and we will commit crimes most foul against a perfect and holy God. We should end up in the grave, just as those totalled cars should end up in the junkyard. Fit only to be picked apart by worms and eaten away by moths.

However, there was a bidder long ago, who bid his own life for the sake of ours. He purchased us at auction, able to pay the ultimate price, and he himself can fix and remodel our lives, if we would just believe. If we choose to remain at auction, the only place we can end up is the grave, but if we accept his offer we can be forever changed.

Once we accept his sacrifice, our title will be changed from nothing to SALVAGE, forever. Salvaged by the only one capable to reconcile us to the Father. Salvaged by his grace and mercy. Salvaged not because of what we’ve done or by how desperately we have tried to fix our own damage but because he paid the full price for our lives and is at work in it, fixing and remodeling us.


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