Thanksgiving 2014

This is the first of hopefully many posts.

I haven’t decided exactly how this blog and website are going to go so hopefully writing this will give me a general idea.

Ashley and I just celebrated Thanksgiving with Jason and Deb who visited from Fresno this past week. It was a blast. We went to The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island (where we got our car towed for parking it in a spot reserved for a judge at the courthouse – d’oh!), took our first Duck Tour of Boston, went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where we bought a growler of double IPA at Portsmouth Brewery which exploded in our car (the manager gave us two growlers for our trouble – score!), went to the Celtics v. Bulls game (Celtics lost…again), and played many games of Mario Kart and Settlers of Catan.

Over all, it was a great week!